Commonly asked questions:

  • Are donations tax deductible? Yes. Your attorney or tax advisor can help you there. The Foundation can also refer you to a qualified advisor. Proper handling can yield maximum tax benefits.
  • Who manages the Foundation? The Board members, a group of area citizens volunteering to serve without pay.
  • Should I give to MCCF or one of its funds? Review this “Deciding to Give” worksheet.
  • How does the Foundation account to is donors? Through an annual report showing a balance sheet and disbursement of proceeds for the past 12 months.
  • What assets an I give? Review “Charitable Options” to help answer this question.
  • Why would I want to give to the foundation?
    1. The community where a man has lived and prospered has a claim on a reasonable part of his substance. Without sound community life, there can be little real wealth for anyone.
    2. A gift produces perpetual benefits long after the giver is gone. 
    3. A gift shows concern and responsibility. Money carelessly given can become wasted. But a gift to the Foundation works with no time limit in sight.
    4. A gift unites people. There are now distinctions based on the amount of the gift. All are united by a common bond of generosity and concern.
    5. A gift will yield benefits for the child of tomorrow.
    6. A memorial fund given by a person or group can be designated to a particular objective.